The tires CP321 are an awesome variant for your car, especially if you are considering changing the tires. CP321 has a hard shoulder that ensures a very good steerability and even deterioration on the whole set of tires.Capitol CP321 tires will also provide you with security and stability during your ride. This way you can relax and enjoy every trip you take. Tires CP321 are a perfect option for every driver as they have high quality and are very affordable.

CP321 are summer tires produced for light trucks, pickups, and vans. The tires provide a good grip on wet and dry road surfaces.Symmetric tread pattern with multiple intersecting lamellas and grooves helps to keep good motion on the road both while moving in a straight line and on the turns. Bars and ribs in the central part of the tires provide a good control to a car and ensure predictability. The rubber composition of tires includes polymer additives that increase the mileage and reduce the rolling resistance.

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Capitol CP321
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Light Truck / SUV
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Mud and Snow
Extra Load
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