Capitol Eco 003 have a top-level output capacity that provides driving possibilities for all seasons. The tread layout with four channels assists to quickly dispose the water, making the tires exceptional for wet surfaces. These tires are awesome for the driving at high speed and they offer the best cost and productivity combination.

If you are a driver of a sports automobile or a high performance crossover, this kind of tires will become a perfect variant for you. Due to their directed tread layout, they also operate great during the wet weather and are not noisy during the ride on highways. The broad double rib located centrally provides awesome consistency for the vehicle during the ride at high speeds and a better control of brakes.

Tires Capitol Eco 003 is a great variant of tires that represents the perfect combination of the newest technology and application accomplishments. Despite the weather conditions, you will feel much more comfortable on each trip due to the fact that the tires have an enhanced water drain system and a strong traction on the wet roads.

There were also some improvements made in the response of the steering so every new journey will bring you a lot of enjoyment. As a whole, Capitol Eco 003 have a lot of advantages and you will get great value every time you use them.

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Capitol Eco 003
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Light Truck / SUV
All Season
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