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In challenging weather conditions, the Eurowinter HS439 presents improved winter driving predictability and traction consistency. A new silica compound ensures tread flexibility, maximizing tread life, and multi-angled sipes allow for better control in ice and snow. The HS439 is extremely versatile as its unique UHP-inspired asymmetric tread pattern maintains high-speed stability in dry conditions, while four high volume circumferential grooves expel water, slush and packed snow when driving in adverse conditions. For owners of performance coupes, sedans, and wagons, the Eurowinter HS439 is perfect for winter and demanding wet or dry weather conditions.

  • Symmetric tread design (Provides excellent performance across multiple driving conditions. Outside blocks provide enhanced high speed dry handling, while the inside tread area provides the grip for wet and snow traction)
  • Circumferential grooves (Four high volume circumferential grooves evacuate water, slush and packed snow to provide outstanding winter traction while maximizing the contact with the road surface)
  • Silica compound (The all new silica compound in the HS439 maximizes tread life while improving performance across all temperature ranges)
  • Multi-angle sipes (The multi-angled sipes help create additional biting edges which enhance snow and ice traction)

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  • Oct 14, 2013

    Falken HS439

    Falken HS439 features improved driving predictability and consistent traction in extreme winter weather conditions. It is an excellent choice for owners of coupes, wagons and sedans as it does brilliantly in both wet and dry winter conditions.