Consumer Reports: Performance Winter/Snow Tires 2018

Performance winter tires have higher levels of snow and ice grip and keep some of the handling and cornering capabilities of the performance tires they replace, but they're not always as good as all-season tires on dry and wet pavement and tend to wear out faster.

Size tested: 215/60 R18.

  1. 70 Yokohama W.Drive V905

    Top rated performance winter tire is suited for most winter weather conditions. But it has some tread noise.

    Snow Traction Aquaplaning Ice Braking Noise
  2. 66 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

    Impressive winter driving traction and good performance on cleared roads. Fair rolling resistance though competitive in class.

    Ice Braking Aquaplaning Snow Traction Rolling Resistance
  3. 62 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32

    This tire has well balanced performance to tackle most winter weather conditions. But it has some tread noise, typical for many winter tires.

    Snow Traction Aquaplaning Ice Braking Rolling Resistance Noise
  4. 62 Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 W320

    Good for moderately severe winter weather conditions. It has very good snow traction and excellent braking on ice.

    Snow Traction Noise Aquaplaning Ice Braking Wet Braking
  5. 50 Falken Espia EPZ II

    Strong winter driving traction comes at the expense of wet grip. Dismal wet braking and wet handling. Long dry stops, too. Some tread noise and fair for ride comfort.

    Ice Braking Snow Traction Wet Braking
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Jul 20, 2018
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