TireRack.com: Best in Passenger All-Season 2018

  1. 100 Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

    Great tires, very good in snow and standing water. Hydroplaning resistance is excellent with this tread design. Not the quietest tire out there, but great performance overall.

    Wet Performance Dry Performance
  2. 98 Yokohama AVID S34PV

    These tires perform well in dry and wet conditions. They're a good balance between comfort and performance.

    Dry Performance Comfort
  3. 95 Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

    They are extremely quiet tires with excellent ride quality and traction. It is very good choice for everyday driving.

    Dry Performance Comfort Noise
  4. 91 Firestone All Season

    These tires are noisy when going around a slight curb.But they don't handle extremely well in snow and ice.

    Wet Performance Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
  5. 88 Michelin Energy Saver A/S

    These are acceptable tires if you're looking for fuel economy. They also offer a very smooth and quite ride.

    Dry Performance Comfort Winter / Snow Performance
  6. 86 Goodyear Assurance All-Season

    Not the best tire for the winter months but what all-season tire is. In the rain and on dry road these tires are great and wear evenly.

    Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  7. 83 Firestone FR710

    These tires handle great for dry and rainy conditions, but in ice and snow they are bad. Also they are noisy.

    Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
  8. 83 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

    These tires are a good choice for minivans. The tires has very quiet and provide a very comfortable ride on good roads.

    Wet Performance Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
  9. 79 Michelin Energy LX4

    The Michelin Energy LX4 tire provides a great smooth quite ride. The soft flexible tire does provide great highway use and dirt or gravel road use.

    Dry Performance Noise Treadwear Winter / Snow Performance
  10. 79 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671

    A good choice for areas where mild to moderate winter weather prevails. Winter driving is even worse as snow becomes packed in the treads and dramatically increases the distance needed to stop the car. Noisy on city and highway roads.

    Dry Performance Treadwear Noise Winter / Snow Performance
  11. 77 Nexen Classe Premiere CP662

    They handle well in dry and wet, but not very good in snow, and not good on icy roads. This tire is a long lasting tire with excellent ride control.

    Dry Performance Treadwear Winter / Snow Performance
  12. 74 Yokohama AVID S34F

    The summer traction with these tires is good, in dry condition. Great responsiveness and no vibrations at high speed.

    Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  13. 72 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H

    Wet and dry traction are good, snow traction is terrible. it is not a snow tire.

    Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  14. 70 Bridgestone Ecopia EP20

    This tire's moderate price, acceptable road manners,and great gas mileage, make it a strong contender for purchase.But they are bad at all in the snow.

    Dry Performance Comfort Treadwear Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  15. 68 Yokohama AVID S33D

    Bad performance in wet and winter conditions.If you are even thinking about these, look at something else, these are not worth the money and you can get a much better tire for the same price and even cheaper.

    Dry Performance Treadwear Wet Performance Comfort Winter / Snow Performance
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Aug 02, 2018
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