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TiresVote.com is an independent online tire website launched in 2019 by creators of Wheel-Size.com - Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base. We are not affiliated with any tire shops, service or manufacturing company. The trust and support of our readers allows us to objectively and impartially cover the events of the tire world.

Our Metrics

Each tire gets a 0-100 CoreScore which summarize opinions from drivers. Our scoring system is based on the aggregate data of several famous tire online shops, ratings, charts, professional tire tests, benchmarks and reviews of our visitors.

Brands are dictators

We are tired of [insert brand name] spending billions to promote tires. The marketing budgets of brands increasingly dictate what products are popular. The power of such budgets is not rightfully put. Share your opinion at TiresVote.com and help other drivers cut through the manipulative noise that dominates purchase decisions today.

Most importantly - radical transparency

The internet is filled with drivers doing reviews of tires they have never even seen in real life, websites promoting "see best deal on [insert tire shop name]" (when in fact they only show you the offer which earns them the best commission), or websites making guides to the "best [category of tire]" which are really just lists of the most popular products that earn them the best commissions.

We're the opposite.

Our Mission

We do not sell tires at TiresVote.com, but this website helps you to find and choose the right tire model for your vehicle. We aim to maintain and deliver the world’s largest database of tire information for all global markets in the world.

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Participate in the discussion of our materials. Send interesting topics or information for publication. Report any inaccuracies or errors found. Contacts: info @ tiresvote.com


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