List of Run-flat Tire Models by Brands

A run-flat tire is a pneumatic vehicle tire that is designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds - under 56 mph (90 km/h) - and for limited distances - generally between 10 mi (16 km) to 50 mi (80 km), depending on the type of tire.

List of run-flat abbreviations:

  • Bridgestone RFT (Run-Flat Tire)
  • Bridgestone MOE (Mercedes-Benz Original Extended Tires)
  • Continental SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat Tire
  • Dunlop DSST (Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology) and ROF (Run-On-Flat)
  • Firestone RFT (Run-Flat Tire)
  • Goodyear EMT (Extended Mobility Technology) and ROF (Run-On-Flat)
  • Kumho XRP (Extended Run-Flat Performance)
  • Michelin ZP (Zero Pressure)
  • Yokohama Run-Flat and ZPS (Zero Pressure System)
  • Hankook HRS (Hankook Runflat System)

Passenger Runflat Models