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Key Facts

Sold By

Accelera Omikron C/T


The Accelera Omikron C/T is an on-/off-road all-terrain tire designed for light trucks and SUVs. Released in 2020, this tire sets itself apart by offering a middle-ground between Mud-Terrain (M/T) and All-Terrain (A/T) tires. Notably positioned for Coarse Terrain (C/T), it is engineered for excellent off-road capabilities without sacrificing on-road comfort. Whether you're traversing dirt, gravel, or moderate mud, this tire offers robust performance coupled with low noise levels for a comfortable ride.

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive and Durable Tread: The tread pattern is crafted for durability and attractiveness, offering a wide cross-section that not only extends the tire's lifespan but also provides optimal all-terrain traction.
  • Dynamic Wide Grooves: Designed to maximize mudflow and offer superior bite on various road surfaces, the dynamic wide grooves contribute to the tire's versatile performance.
  • Multiple Edge Block: This feature gives the Omikron C/T an aggressive look, minimal noise levels, and enhanced safety features for a comfortable off-road experience. It is particularly efficient in resisting retention and slips on rocky terrains.


  • Coarse Terrain Design: This tire is a hybrid model that bridges the gap between A/T and M/T, specially designed for coarse terrain, which involves a mix of on-road and off-road conditions.
  • Advanced Groove Technology: The dynamic wide grooves help in quick mud and water evacuation, making the tire ideal for off-road adventures.
  • Multiple Edge Block Design: The multiple edge blocks serve dual purposes: they reduce noise levels for on-road comfort and provide added grip for off-road safety.

Year Released

The Accelera Omikron C/T was launched in the year 2020, adding a fresh dimension to Accelera's range of light truck and SUV tires.

Regions Availability

The tire is available in Europe, Russia and its surrounding regions, and Southeast Asia, aligning with markets that have a high demand for versatile, all-terrain tires.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Accelera Omikron C/T is suitable for a wide range of light trucks and SUVs, particularly those used for both urban commuting and weekend off-road adventures.

Final Thoughts

Accelera's Omikron C/T proves to be a noteworthy addition to the all-terrain tire market. Its coarse-terrain classification makes it a unique offering, balancing aggressive off-road capabilities with the comfort needed for daily on-road use. With dynamic wide grooves for effective mudflow and multiple edge blocks for added grip and safety, this tire is well-equipped for varied road conditions. If you are looking for a tire that offers both durability and versatility, the Accelera Omikron C/T stands as a strong candidate.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Accelera / Omikron C/T
Car Type
All Season
Rim Diameter
18 / 20 "
275 mm
Aspect Ratio
55 / 65 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
P (max 94 mph) ... S (max 112 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Accelera / Omikron C/T Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Tread depth Max inflation pressure Max inflation pressure (kpa) Approved rim width Load range Sidewall styling Tire weight Max load Price
R18 275/65 R18 123/120S 275/65 R18 123/120S
R20 275/55 R20 115/112P 275/55 R20 115/112P

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