Wintoura VAN has an optimised symmetric tread pattern designed for high traction and good braking performance, even in severe winter conditions.

  • Three circumferential tapered main grooves for aquaplaning resistance and improved traction
  • Robust interlocked centre tread blocks with three dimensional sipes provide reliable performance in all winter conditions
  • Increased tread depth for high mileage and exceptional performance under demanding conditions in snow and on soft/muddy grounds
  • Reinforced shoulder and sidewalls provide additional damage protection
  • Solid carcass and belt construction for heavy load bearing and increased endurance
  • Integrated rim protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Tread Centre Ribs (Central tread bands feature deep grooves and a high concentration of lateral sipes provide excellent levels of grip on snow and ice).
  • Circumferential Grooves (Three sawtooth circumferential main grooves, combined with increased tread depth provide high levels of mechanical grip on snow covered or soft ground).
  • Shoulder Section (Interconnected and staggered tread blocks in the shoulder area provide stability and precise control, even under heavy load).

Detailed Information

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Davanti Wintoura Van
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Light Truck / SUV
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