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Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30

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Key Facts

Sold By

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30

Manufacturer's description

Multi-performance van tyre for reliable driving in all weather conditions.

3PMSF mark enables safe driving throughout all four seasons, with impressive snow and ice performance as well as smooth summer driving.

Notable Features

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 is a non-directional all-season minivan tire that appeared in the range of this Korean brand in 2019. This tire was engineered to ensure driving safety in any weather conditions, and it is characterized by a stable handling response and efficient braking on snow, dry and wet pavements, low fuel consumption, as well as high resistance to wear and long treadlife. The Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 came to replace the Hankook Radial RA10 model. A number of improvements that the tire maker introduced in the tread design made a positive difference to the way the Vantra ST AS2 behaves on wet and snowy roads. For example, the dependability of traction was increased by optimizing the contact patch, while the treadlife was extended thanks to the new construction of the sidewalls and other “under the hood” improvements.

Tread pattern of Vantra ST AS2 (closeup)

The new tread compound of Hankook RA30 Vantra ST AS2 provides extra grip on icy and snowy roads. The specially developed “Ice Philic” technology guarantees effective work of this commercial all-season tire even at the lowest of temperatures.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Hankook / Vantra ST AS2 RA30
Car Type
All Season
Rim Diameter
14 / 15 / 16 / 17 "
185 / 195 / 205 / 215 / 225 / 235 mm
Aspect Ratio
60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
H (max 130 mph) ... T (max 118 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Hankook / Vantra ST AS2 RA30 Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Price
R14 185/80 R14 102/100Q 185/80 R14 102/100Q
From 81.1
R14 185/80 R14 102Q 185/80 R14 102Q
From 58.9
R14 195/80 R14 106/104Q 195/80 R14 106/104Q
From 91.8
R14 195/80 R14 106Q 195/80 R14 106Q
From 69.3
R15 195/70 R15 104/102R 195/70 R15 104/102R
From 90.0
R15 195/70 R15 104R 195/70 R15 104R
From 61.0
R15 215/65 R15 104/102T 215/65 R15 104/102T
R15 225/70 R15 112/110S 225/70 R15 112/110S
From 102.7
R15 225/70 R15 112S 225/70 R15 112S
From 78.2
R16 195/60 R16 99/97H 195/60 R16 99/97H
From 111.0
R16 195/60 R16 99H 195/60 R16 99H
From 80.5
R16 195/65 R16 104/102T 195/65 R16 104/102T
From 107.0
R16 195/65 R16 104T 195/65 R16 104T
From 73.7
R16 195/75 R16 107/105R 195/75 R16 107/105R
From 100.5
R16 195/75 R16 107R 195/75 R16 107R
From 71.3
R16 205/65 R16 107/105T 205/65 R16 107/105T
From 120.4
R16 205/65 R16 107T 205/65 R16 107T
From 84.2
R16 205/75 R16 110/108R 205/75 R16 110/108R
From 112.0
R16 205/75 R16 110R 205/75 R16 110R
From 83.3
R16 215/65 R16 106/104T 215/65 R16 106/104T
From 119.9
R16 215/65 R16 106T 215/65 R16 106T
From 91.2
R16 215/65 R16 109/107T 215/65 R16 109/107T
From 125.2
R16 215/65 R16 109T 215/65 R16 109T
From 89.2
R16 215/75 R16 113/111R 215/75 R16 113/111R
From 130.5
R16 215/75 R16 113R 215/75 R16 113R
From 91.2
R16 225/65 R16 112/110R 225/65 R16 112/110R
From 133.4
R16 225/65 R16 112R 225/65 R16 112R
From 98.0
R16 225/75 R16 121/120R 225/75 R16 121/120R
From 146.3
R16 225/75 R16 121R 225/75 R16 121R
From 121.7
R16 235/65 R16 115/113R 235/65 R16 115/113R
From 129.9
R16 235/65 R16 115R 235/65 R16 115R
From 110.7
R17 215/60 R17 109/107H 215/60 R17 109/107H
From 129.7

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Questions and Answers

  • Tim Jones 23 September, 2020 10:45
    Can you tell what the maximum pressure fora  225/75R16  Hankook Vantra ST AS2 tyre  please. Thanks