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Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609

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Key Facts

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Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609


Introducing the Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609, a new benchmark in the all-season SUV tire segment tailored specifically for the European market. Born out of meticulous engineering and R&D, this tire ensures drivers retain absolute control in diverse European road conditions - be it dry, wet, or wintry.

Features & Benefits

  • Special Silica Compound: One of the tire's standout features is its special silica compound, which not only enhances wet performance but also efficiently reduces rolling resistance, thus contributing to fuel economy.
  • Extra Wide Channel Grooves: This feature proves pivotal in dispelling water and snow from the tire's path, ensuring a more consistent and predictable ride, even in adverse conditions.
  • Zig-Zag Sipes: These intricately designed sipes guarantee enhanced traction, especially on snowy and icy roads, ensuring safety and reliability during winter months.
  • High Sipe Density: This is an innovative approach to maximize both winter and wet traction, ensuring that drivers experience a superior grip irrespective of the external environment.
  • V-Shape Groove Design: This unique design not only augments snow handling capabilities but also elevates wet traction performance, giving drivers an edge during challenging weather conditions.

Year Released

The Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609 was launched in 2022, standing as the SUV variant of the renowned Kenda Kenetica 4S KR202.

Regions Availability

This tire is exclusively available for purchase in Europe, reflecting Kenda's commitment to catering to the specific needs and conditions of the European market.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609 is designed for Light Trucks and SUVs. Given its suite of features, it is compatible with a wide range of SUVs prevalent in the European market.

Final Thoughts

The Kenda Kenetica 4S SUV KR609 is a testament to Kenda's relentless pursuit of excellence, especially tailored for the diverse European conditions. By marrying innovative technologies with a keen understanding of drivers' needs, Kenda has created a tire that not only ensures safety across seasons but also promises a smooth and enjoyable ride experience. For drivers seeking a dependable all-season SUV tire in Europe, the KR609 emerges as a compelling choice.

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Kenda / Kenetica 4S SUV KR609
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All Season
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