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Linglong Comfort Master

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Key Facts

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Linglong Comfort Master


The Linglong Comfort Master summer tire represents a harmonious blend of Linglong's commitment to ensuring utmost comfort without compromising on performance. Designed as the foundational model within the distinguished 'Master' series, this tire emphasizes a balanced synergy between exceptional handling, reduced noise, and a comforting ride. Drawing its name from its primary focus, the Comfort Master offers drivers an elevated level of tranquility and control in summer driving conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Comfort-Driven Experience: Experience seamless drives with minimal noise disturbances, ensuring that every journey is as peaceful as it is exhilarating.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The tire's low rolling resistance translates to enhanced fuel efficiency, making drives not just comfortable but also economical.
  • Superior Wet Traction: With a specially formulated rubber compound containing unique resins, this tire assures commendable traction on wet surfaces, significantly reducing the likelihood of hydroplaning.
  • Enhanced Handling & Braking: Thanks to the innovative tread profile shape and sipe design, drivers can expect noticeable improvements in handling and braking capabilities.


  • Advanced Rubber Compound: Infused with special resins and silicon dioxide, this compound accentuates wet traction while simultaneously maintaining commendable wear resistance.
  • Innovative Tread Profile & Sipe Design: This pioneering design increases the contact patch by approximately 3% compared to its predecessors, leading to substantial improvements in handling and braking.
  • Optimized Block Edges & Sipes: By carefully calibrating the angle of these elements, the tire's wet pavement traction and grip properties have been considerably enhanced.

Year Released

Launched in 2021, the Linglong Comfort Master showcases the brand's dedication to blending comfort with performance in its summer tire offerings.

Regions Availability

The Linglong Comfort Master has been curated for and is available in both Europe and China, underscoring the brand's intention to cater to diverse driving conditions and preferences in these regions.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Linglong Comfort Master, being a high-performance summer tire, is ideal for sedans, hatchbacks, and other passenger vehicles prevalent in Europe and China. Its design and features ensure that these vehicles benefit from its comfort-oriented yet performance-driven characteristics.

Final Thoughts

For drivers seeking a blend of plush comfort, noise reduction, and assured performance in varied summer conditions, the Linglong Comfort Master stands out as a prime contender. The thoughtful incorporation of advanced technologies and materials, coupled with Linglong's dedication to driving comfort, makes the Comfort Master a tire that promises and delivers – in every sense of the word.

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