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Milestar Patagonia A/T W


The all-new PATAGONIA A/T W was developed for year-long driving confidence with a tread design capable of tackling harsh and inclement conditions. The aggressive all-terrain design features segmented wishbone tread blocks with stepped block ends for additional biting edges and debris evacuation. The advanced silica compound allows for outstanding all-weather performance in a wide range of temperatures, while the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake stamping assures you this tire is going to perform when the winter season sets in. To further enhance the A/T W’s winter performance, the unique tread design is also studdable with a #12 stud pin where local regulations permit. Available in 11 sizes with a 40k mile treadwear warranty, the PATAGONIA A/T W is the all-weather tire to satisfy all of your needs.

  • Stepped Block-Ends (Stepped block-ends provide additional biting edges, and enhance debris evacuation, allowing for consistent off-road traction, and winter performance).
  • Enhanced winter traction (Pinned for studs allowing optional enhanced winter traction).
  • Segmented wishbone tread blocks (Segmented wishbone tread blocks provide improved off-road traction and control along with additional biting edges and notches for outstanding All-Weather performance).
  • Zigzag siping (Zigzag siping enhances tread block stability under hard cornering, yet allows the block to flex and bite for better All-Weather handling).
  • Three-Peak mountain snowflake (3PMS-rated performance in severe snow conditions).
  • Wet traction (Elaborate siping and enhanced tread design allows for superior wet dispersion).
  • All-Weather (Pattern design and tread compound enhanced for seasonal conditions).
  • Extreme Terrain (Aggressive design and large voids to effectively navigate through rough conditions).

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Milestar Patagonia A/T W
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