The Nitto NT860 has been developed to provide high-speed stability, steering response and safety in all conditions while improving comfort and fuel economy throughout its long tread life. Developed with Nitto’s innovative tyre design technology, the Nitto NT860 prioritises traction and safety in wet and dry conditions, utilising a unique, low-rolling resistance pattern that also reduces fuel costs. With a large size range to suit O.E. replacements on sedans and hatches, as well as plus-size fitments for aftermarket wheels, the Nitto NT860 offers performance and outstanding quality to a large variety of passenger cars.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced Tread Pattern (An asymmetric pattern provides more void area to resist aquaplaning and higher stiffness for better traction, handling and steering response).
  • Round-Edged Grooves (Rounded tyre grooves are designed to provide excellent water drainage and improved safety in wet conditions).
  • F-Shaped Block Pattern (An F-shaped block pattern offers a balance between siped biting edges and stiffness, optimising wet and dry performance).
  • Quiet Wall Technology (Serration within the tread grooves eliminates howling pipe resonance noises by disrupting airflow).
  • Silica Tread Compound (A new silica compound offers lower rolling resistance and uncompromising grip in wet conditions).

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Questions and Answers

  • Apr 04, 2017

    Toyo Proxes R1R vs Nitto NT860 - Dry & Wet Drifting @ Queensland Raceway

    I've found the Nitto NT860 to be a good step up in grip and life over what I'd used in the past but in the pursuit of grip on a 195/55R15, I wanted to try the Toyo Tires R1R all-round considering their heritage in D1.