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Nokian Hakka Green 3

Manufacturer's description

Drivers on Northern summer tires want their tires to be safe in case of rain. Most drivers also want greener driving, low fuel consumption, eco-friendly raw materials, and better durability. The new-generation Nokian Hakka Green 3 summer tire, a member of the Hakka product family that is designed for varying Northern weather, skillfully combines safety in wet weather with light rolling. This new premium summer tire from Nokian Tyres feels safe and balanced in rainy weather, saves fuel, and offers more enjoyable kilometers of driving.

The new Nokian Hakka Green 3 – Naturally safe.

  • Greener driving – lower fuel consumption saves money and the environment, offering more much-needed range for hybrid and EV owners
  • Controlled safety – excellent wet grip and aquaplaning resistance in case of sudden rain
  • Reliable journeys – new eco-friendly rubber compound ensures excellent wear resistance

Notable Features

GREEN SENSE CONCEPT: Green Sense concept Safety in all conditions, first-class wear resistance and greener movement. The unique Hakka Green Sense concept features a Triple Zone surface model and a Hakka Green Hybrid rubber compound developed specifically for the demanding summer weather in the North.

TRIPLE ZONE BRINGS SAFETY: Triple Zone Nokian Hakka Green 3's asymmetrical and stylish Triple Zone surface model consists of functional areas, each with its own precise role. Tightly connected pattern pieces stabilize the driving drive and make the tire precisely steerable. The active Hydro Zone in the center of the tire provides excellent grip and control on both dry and wet roads. The precisely oriented, dense network-forming lamellae efficiently store and transfer water between the tire and the running surface and guarantee the tire effective aquaplaning resistance and excellent wet grip even when worn.

FOR ROADS REQUIRING FLEXIBILITY: Hybrid rubber compound Hakka Green Hybrid rubber compound with new bio-based materials is very durable. It guarantees low rolling resistance and controls the demanding and varied conditions of the northern summer. The functional full silica blend adapts to temperature changes, bringing excellent wet grip in spring and fall. The 100% bio-based resin combined with the polymers of the environmentally friendly rubber compound enhances light rolling by creating a highly flexible tire that withstands rough roads excellently. The wear resistance of the new Hakka Green 3 is up to 35 percent better than its predecessor. This is a significant improvement in endurance and can correspond to one extra season or about 10,000 extra kilometers, depending on the driving style.

MAXIMUM HYDRAULIC RESISTANCE: Coanda technology When water or other moving liquid encounters a curved surface, it attempts to travel along that surface. This phenomenon is also known as the Coandă phenomenon, so water can be directed to follow the shape of the surface instead of flowing directly. When a tire encounters more water than it can displace, it enters aquaplaning. Nokian Tires Coanda technology speeds up water removal by directing and shifting the flow of water away from the tire, effectively preventing dangerous aquaplaning.

DSI CAREER DEPTH METER: DSI The Nokian Hakka Green 3 has a wear warning device (DSI) that lets the driver know when the tires should be changed. The wear warning shows the remaining tread depth in millimeters, and the numbers disappear one at a time within the tire. The aquaplaning warning reminds you of the increased risk of aquaplaning. The warning droplet image disappears when the remaining groove depth is less than 4 mm.

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Nokian / Hakka Green 3
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