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Key Facts

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Sailun Erange EV


The Sailun Erange EV stands as a testament to Sailun Tire Group's innovative approach to meet the evolving demands of electric vehicle (EV) owners. Utilizing their proprietary EcoPoint3 Technology, the Erange EV lineup has been meticulously crafted to cater specifically to EVs, underscoring the brand's commitment to aligning with the global shift towards sustainable transportation.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for EVs: Erange EV tires are tailored to maximize the performance of electric vehicles, ensuring drivers get the most out of their EV experience.
  • Range Enhancement: Designed to minimize rolling resistance, Erange EV tires support the extension of the EV's range, mitigating 'range anxiety' concerns for EV drivers.
  • Longevity and Efficiency: The liquid phase mixing EcoPoint3 technology ensures Erange EV tires offer long-lasting performance, meaning fewer replacements and a more sustainable tire life.
  • Quiet & Comfortable Ride: SilentTread™ technology and a variable pitch sequence guarantee a serene driving experience, crucial for the quiet nature of EVs.


  • EcoPoint3 Technology: An avant-garde manufacturing process that employs Liquid Phase Mixing. This technique enhances rolling resistance, wear resistance, and grip, making it apt for EV specific requirements.
  • SilentTread™ Technology: Crafted for tranquility, ensuring reduced noise for a peaceful and smooth driving experience.
  • Advanced Tread Patterns & Compounds: These are designed to efficiently manage the instant torque of electric vehicles, ensuring reliable driving performance on various terrains.

Year Released

Introduced to the market in 2022, the Sailun Erange EV is a fresh addition, in line with the rapid evolution and adoption of electric vehicles.

Regions Availability

Targeting the North American market, the Sailun Erange EV is available in both the USA+ and Canada, aligning with the growth of EV usage in these regions.

Final Thoughts

The Sailun Erange EV encapsulates the brand's forward-thinking approach, manifesting their dedication to supporting the sustainable shift in transportation. This tire does more than just meet the demands of EV drivers; it enhances the EV experience, promoting efficiency, safety, and comfort in a harmonious blend. For EV enthusiasts and adopters, the Sailun Erange EV offers an unparalleled tire choice that promises to elevate the drive while prioritizing sustainability.

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Sailun / Erange EV
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