The Observe GSi-5 provides excellent performance for demanding winter road conditions. Improved ice and snow capabilities, as well as long wear life, are the benefits of advanced design, technology, and compounding.

Advanced tread compound:

  • Enhances wet grip, braking, and traction in low temperatures

Absorbent carbonic powder:

  • Offers better contact and increased safety as carbonic powder created from bamboo absorbs moisture on the road

Microbit technology:

  • Improves traction as ground walnut shell dig and bite into the snow and ice

Wide lateral grooves:

  • Evacuates slush for better road grip

Center rib design:

  • Ensures straight-line stability
  • Increases ice traction in all directions

Tread block technology:

  • A Spider Sipe design provides snow and ice traction in all directions
  • Saw toothed tread block edges improve snow traction and braking

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Toyo Observe GSi-5
Car Type
Light Truck / SUV
Rim Diameter
15 / 16 / 17 "
195 / 205 / 215 / 225 / 235 / 245 / 255 / 265 mm
Aspect Ratio
55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
H (max 130 mph) ... T (max 118 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Toyo Observe GSi-5 Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features
R15 195/60 R15 88T 195/60 R15 88T
R15 195/65 R15 91T 195/65 R15 91T
R15 205/65 R15 94T 205/65 R15 94T
R15 205/70 R15 95T 205/70 R15 95T
R15 205/75 R15 97T 205/75 R15 97T
R15 215/65 R15 96T 215/65 R15 96T
R15 215/70 R15 98T 215/70 R15 98T
R15 215/75 R15 100T 215/75 R15 100T
R15 225/75 R15 102T 225/75 R15 102T
R16 205/55 R16 94T 205/55 R16 94T
R16 205/60 R16 92T 205/60 R16 92T
R16 215/60 R16 95T 215/60 R16 95T
R16 215/65 R16 98T 215/65 R16 98T
R16 225/60 R16 98T 225/60 R16 98T
R16 225/75 R16 104S 225/75 R16 104S
R16 235/70 R16 106S 235/70 R16 106S
R16 245/75 R16 111S 245/75 R16 111S
R16 255/70 R16 111S 255/70 R16 111S
R16 265/70 R16 112S 265/70 R16 112S
R17 215/65 R17 98T 215/65 R17 98T
R17 225/60 R17 99T 225/60 R17 99T
R17 235/55 R17 99H 235/55 R17 99H
R17 235/65 R17 104S 235/65 R17 104S
R17 245/70 R17 110S 245/70 R17 110S
R17 265/70 R17 115S 265/70 R17 115S

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Questions and Answers

  • Nov 14, 2018 The Best SUV & Light Truck Winter Tires

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    9. Toyo Observe GSi-5
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  • Jul 20, 2018

    Consumer Reports: Winter/Snow Truck/SUV Tires

    1. 74 Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2
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    2. 68 Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV
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    3. 68 Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2
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    4. 66 General Grabber Arctic
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    5. 66 Dunlop Winter Maxx SJ8
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    6. 66 Yokohama iceGUARD iG51v
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    8. 62 Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT
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    9. 60 Toyo Observe GSi-5
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    10. 56 Hankook I*Pike RW11
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  • Dec 27, 2012

    Toyo Observe GSi-5 Winter tire review

    Winter tires are much more than snow tires. When the temperature gets cold it is time to think of the proper tires for the conditions.

  • May 04, 2012

    Observe GSi5 Winter Tire - Toyo Tires Canada

    Winter Tire For Passenger Cars, Minivans, SUV's and Light Trucks The Toyo Observe GSi5 winter passenger tire is the right tire for drivers looking for a safe and dependable winter drive. With a complete size range for passenger, light truck, SUV, CUV or van applications, the GSi5 offers exceptional traction and safety during our tough Canadian winters.