Key Facts about Toyo Open Country WLT1:

Toyo Open Country WLT1


Tough winter jobs just got a little bit easier with the Open Country WLT1. This winter tire provides excellent winter driving capabilities for a variety of heavy-duty light trucks, including pickups, vans, and SUVs. Designed to handle the increased load-carrying capacity of these vehicles, it delivers confident ice and snow performance with long tread life.

Wider tread footprint:

  • Improves stability and handling.

Wider deep grooves:

  • Increases snow traction.
  • Prevents snow buildup.

Increased sipe density:

  • Improves water evacuation and ice traction.
  • Improves cornering performance on ice.

Straight sipe and dimple design on outside tread:

  • Helps resist wandering.
  • Improves snow traction in deep snow.

Heavy-duty construction with a stiff rigid casing:

  • Meets the load-carrying, handling, and braking needs of light trucks, vans, and SUVs.
  • Improves handling performance.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Toyo Open Country WLT1
Car Type
Light Truck / SUV
Rim Diameter
16 / 17 / 20 "
245 / 265 / 275 mm
Aspect Ratio
65 / 70 / 75 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
Q (max 100 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Toyo Open Country WLT1 Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features
R16 245/75 R16 120Q 245/75 R16 120Q
R17 265/70 R17 121Q 265/70 R17 121Q
R20 275/65 R20 126Q 275/65 R20 126Q

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Questions and Answers

  • Mar 30, 2012

    Open Country WLT1 Winter Commercial Tire - Toyo Tires Canada

    Toyo Open Country WLT1, has been engineered to deliver optimal performance for variety of commercial vehicle applications in demanding winter road conditions. The load carrying requirements for commercial vehicles are different than the average vehicle. Toyo tire has addressed these needs by developing a tire that can carry the loads and aggressively get through our tough winter conditions.