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Key Facts

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Viking FourTech Plus


The Viking FourTech Plus is a premium touring all-season tire tailored to meet the requirements of the contemporary road conditions in Europe. As an upgrade to the well-received FourTech model that was introduced in 2016, the FourTech Plus emerges as a superior option designed for diverse climatic conditions and presents a remarkable balance between wet and dry performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Braking Distance: A standout feature of this tire is its impeccable grip, resulting in a noticeably shorter braking distance. This offers drivers enhanced safety and confidence on varying road surfaces.
  • Water Drainage: The Viking FourTech Plus has been meticulously designed to manage water efficiently. Efficient water drainage directly translates to improved resistance against hydroplaning, further amplifying the safety quotient of the tire.
  • Grip in Snow: The tire boasts optimized sipe technology, presenting more grip edges that significantly enhance handling and reduce braking distances on snow-clad roads.
  • Handling on Dry Asphalt: Its unique sipes structure, in conjunction with a sizable contact patch, ensures excellent braking performance and handling on dry terrains.


  • Modified Compound: A significant distinction between the Viking FourTech Plus and its predecessor is the modified compound. This advanced composition is devised to enhance wet grip capabilities.
  • Refined Design: The design intricacies, when combined with the novel compound, result in a marked reduction in rolling resistance, subsequently influencing fuel efficiency in a positive way.
  • Solid Shoulder Tread: A pronounced shoulder tread that ensures optimal transmission of driving and braking power, facilitating a steady and shortened braking span on dry terrains.
  • Innovative Tread Design: A strategic tread layout that promotes efficient water evacuation, mitigating hydroplaning risks and boosting overall driving safety.

Year Released

The Viking FourTech Plus was unveiled in 2023, succeeding the Viking FourTech model that had its debut in 2016.

Regions Availability

Currently, the Viking FourTech Plus is available for purchase exclusively in Europe.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

Primarily tailored for city cars, the Viking FourTech Plus is an ideal choice for vehicles in the small to middle class segment. Its versatile design and performance attributes make it a suitable companion for urban commuting as well as longer drives.

Final Thoughts

The Viking FourTech Plus is a testament to the brand's commitment to evolution and innovation. By retaining the best aspects of its predecessor and introducing a slew of improved features, the FourTech Plus sets a new benchmark in the all-season touring category. Whether one is navigating through a summer's dry spell or tackling snowy slopes in winter, this tire promises a consistently high safety level, making it a commendable choice for drivers seeking an all-round performing tire.

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