AdvanZtech platform: next level of safety and comfort driving

You may know the Giti Tires name because of its involvement with motorsports and sponsoring racers in the past. However, there is a new reason to be excited about seeing the Giti Tires name once again. With the AdvanZtech platform, which is a combined system of research and development teams with a goal to improve the safety and comfort of the driving experience.

With a combination of testing and analyses, they have created an R&D team that spans over multiple nations and works with each other from a distance towards a singular goal. With the introduction of the AdvanZtech platform, this has all been made possible.

Who is Giti Tires?

If you don’t follow motorsports, then this might be a new name to you. Well, Giti Tires is a staple in the industry and has been in business since 1951 and sell their products worldwide.

Giti tires

This tire company has a main focus on creating innovative ways to become more green and energy-efficient.

Giti Tires R&D Teams

The core of this system is Giti Tires R&D centers that are operating in cities all over the world. Though the company is based in Singapore, its R&D centers are located in the US, Germany, Indonesia, and China. Between all of these centers, there are about 1,000 workers who are helping to develop the AdvanZtech system.

R&B Team
R&D Team

All of these centers are separate, in a way, but are all working together for the same purpose: AdvanZtech. All workers use the AdvanZtech platform allows these seemingly separate R&D centers to work together as one unit with a technical knowledge shared management platform. With this platform, workers can work towards making the driving experience safer and more comfortable.

With this platform, they focus on six different components that will allow them to see from a driver’s point of view and see what is most needed to make the driving experience even better.

Safety Features

One of the main aspects of this platform is to increase safety for drivers, which is always needed, especially for motorsports drivers. So, the R&D centers focus on technologies that can be used to make better tires for drivers and keep them safe from sliding.

Belt Enhancing Technology
Belt Enhancing Technology

With the research of tire patterns, structures, and compounds, they can find ways to use developing technologies to make driving safer with tires that have better traction and stability overall for a greater grip on the road.

Endurance and Quality

When it comes to driving, you need to have good tires to enable you to drive to the best of your abilities. This means that they need to be the highest quality you can find. They also need to have a high level of endurance.

High-Endurance Rubber Compound
High-Endurance Rubber Compound

With a look at the rubber used and researching ways to make it stronger and longer-lasting, Giti Tires R&D centers are finding new ways to extend the lifespan of their tires.

Energy Efficiency

Giti Tires has always been a business that has been involved with developing ways to turn to greener energy systems that don’t cause to our environment. With low rolling resistance compounds, there has been a reduction of friction between the tires and the ground, which is what helps to lower the total consumption of energy.

Green and Eco-Friendly with Low Rolling Resistance Rubber
Green and Eco-Friendly with Low Rolling Resistance Rubber

Also, with rolling resistance prediction and computational contour deformation analyses, new technologies have resulted in better structural designs. With this, we will see a reduction in heat generation, better environmental protection, and less wasted fuel.

Improved Control

One of the main issues that contribute to the driver having less control over their vehicle is that there is contact between the rubber and the road. This causes road and tire conditions to both works against the driver. Well, with extensive driving simulations and testing technologies, Giti Tires has been able to improve its tire to improve the grip, adjust the stiffness of the tire, change tire structure, and enhancing handling response.

MT Tire Modeling / CARSIM Vehicle Simulation Technologies
MT Tire Modeling / CARSIM Vehicle Simulation Technologies

With the use of design, Giti has improved its tire’s performance on wet and dry land by enhancing patterns and compounds.

Driver Comfort

One main issue that Giti’s Tires R&D centers have focused on is the comfort of the driver. Drivers are often seen to do better on the road when they are completely comfortable in the driver’s seat. So, though noise on the road is something that you can’t get rid of indefinitely, reduction of noise can be beneficial.

Minimized Structure Noise from Vibration
Minimized Structure Noise from Vibration

With the Giti Tire simulation system, which uses pattern noise to see where there can be improvements in the driving experience. The aim is to eliminate the noise from the contact of the tires and the street as much as possible The elimination of vibrations that are caused tire contact was done by using modal and transmissibility analyses, testing, and detailed structural analyses, they have been able to quiet the operation and improve the quietness of the vehicle, making it more comfortable for the driver while on the road.


The next generation of inventors will be able to build on the work that has already been started. This means that new technologies that are unused now might be able to make a big difference in the future. So, Giti Tires is using the next generation of researchers and developers to push the idea forward for the future and create even safer tires as new technologies are created.

Smart-tech technology
Smart-Tech Technology

With the AdvanZtech platform already being a part of the Giti Tires future, they are pushing more resources towards this cause to ensure that drivers will have a safer experience as the years go on.


The AdvanZtech platform is just getting started, and it will continue to be used to find and implement new technologies to improve tires and create a safer and more comfortable experience for drivers. Whether you are a daily commuter driving to work or a driver racing in a motorsport’s competition, these technologies will be beneficial for keeping drivers safe.

As this platform is used more and makes it way to more R&D departments, it seems that this could a major step forward for the safety of driving on the roads.