Attack of the Michelin Clones: Road Terrain Tires. Next Episode

The French Michelin is continuing to expand its ranks of clones. Augmenting the range of its budget brands with All Season tires for passenger cars in the previous episode, for the summer season 2019 the company presented yet another development designed to be used by SUV owners in summer conditions.

The next wave of Michelin’s clone attack includes:

Just as before, this is one and the same model that was rolled out under six affiliate brand names of this company.

According to the Michelin engineers, the aggressive design of Road Terrain is meant to improve the tire’s off-road performance, while its reinforced inner construction will ensure the required ruggedness and dependability in off-road conditions. In addition, the new model is characterized by a smooth ride and high resistance to wear.

Road Terrain
This is what the six new budget clones from Michelin named Road Terrain look like. In the image, the brand name has been prudently removed from the sidewall.

The new tires of All-Terrain class will be entering the market since August-September 2019, gradually flowing into 2020. Their model range will come in 18 sizes with fitting diameters from 10 to 18 inches and speed indices H, S, and T.