Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport)

Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) is a new all-terrain model 2020, designed to be installed on SUVs and pickup trucks. This model is marketed as the continuation of Atturo Trail Blade A/T, and is essentially the second model in the new «sports» line from this tire maker.

In order to ensure dependable traction and stable handling, the construction of Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) utilizes large tread blocks with deep sipes. The narrow central rib serves to enhance the road holding ability, while the wide drainage grooves between the blocks serve to quickly evacuate the water from the contact area, ensuring great grip on wet pavement.

Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport)
Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport)

The ribs on either side of the central one are responsible for the traction provided by Trail Blade AT Sport on all types of surfaces, including asphalt. The blocks that form them are connected with stabilizing blocks, which was done to support the tire’s sturdiness on highways, as well as in off-road conditions.

The unique multifaceted chamfers on the shoulder blocks are meant to reduce the road noise. According to the manufacturer, they ensure an exceptionally quiet ride.

The elements that stand out on the sidewalls of Atturo Trail Blade ATS, are meant to not only improve the visual appearance of the tire, but also to better protect it from curbs and road rocks.

Quick Take
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  • Available Sizes in Line: 14
  • Year Released: 2019
  • Regions for sale: USA+, Canada
Atturo Trail Blade ATS

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