Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport)

Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) is an all-season tire designed for 4-wheel drive vehicles, characterized by great traction in off-road conditions, high-resistance to wear, and, strange though it may sound, high acoustic comfort.

In 2019, the first tire of the «Trail Blade Sport» line became Atturo Trail Blade MTS. Its new sizes and its optimized tread pattern were meant to expand the selection of the popular mud tires Trail Blade M/T.

Atturo Trail Blade MTS / Atturo Trail Blade M/T
Atturo Trail Blade MTS / Atturo Trail Blade M/T

Designing this model, the Trail Blade MTS continued Atturo’s partnership with Quartermaster Knives by featuring a tread block that’s modeled after the OTR-5 karambit knife and covers more than half of the tire’s sidewall.

The prominent central tread blocks not only enhance the vehicle’s road holding ability and grip on cross-country terrain but also extend the treadlife. Its chamfered shape enhances the edge effect and serves to reduce the road noise.

The wide shoulder blocks of Atturo Trail Blade MTS got extra sipes: horizontal and V-shaped ones, meant to maximize the traction on wet pavement, particularly while cornering. The quad center treads create additional edges for traction on loose surfaces.

The self-cleaning ability of the MTS is enhanced with the built-in stone ejectors. The Trail Blade MTS features a heavy-duty 12 ply-rated construction across many sizes.