Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax

Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax is an SUV all-season tire. According to the manufacturer, its key advantage is the long treadlife, at which the very name of the model is hinting.

The Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax model was presented in 2019 at SEMA show. It has been designed with bumpy roads in mind, which are to be encountered virtually everywhere.

Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax
Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax

Discoverer EnduraMax utilizes the Durable-Tread technology that extends the treadlife thanks to the extremely strong materials that prevent treadwear in harsh road conditions, such as gravel and bumpy city streets.

Thanks to the Armor Belt technology, the strong steel breakers give the tire extra ruggedness, which helps it to resist road inequalities, at the same time improving its handling response.
The strong inner construct (EnduraGuard Design) helps the tire to stay in shape while in motion, this enduring a stronger grip on the road. And even with all of these features, this tire model is exceptionally quiet thanks to its unique tread pattern that minimizes the noise.

The Winter Grip technology serves to enhance the tire’s grip on snow. Thanks to it, Cooper Discoverer Endura Max got a 3PMS icon, which confirms that this tire can be used in winter conditions.

Quick Take
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  • Available Sizes in Line: 33
  • Year Released: 2020
  • Regions for sale: USA+, Canada, Japan
Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax