Cooper: Evolution Continues with New All-Season Tires M/T

Cooper is continuing the aggressive marketing campaign of its new Evolution line. In the end of 2018 alone, this tire maker presented three new models — Cooper Evolution Sport, Cooper Evolution ATT, and Cooper Evolution MTT. The latter is engineered for all-season off-road operation, but, as it turned out, one such development did not seem to be enough, and the company launched still another model Cooper Evolution M/T, also designed to give the driver the confidence to power through mud and tackle dirt roads.

Although the names of the two mud tires sound pretty much like one another, the tires have different tread patterns, and Evolution M/T, should such need arise, can also be spiked which takes the tire’s ice traction to a whole new level compared to Evolution MTT.

Cooper Evolution M/T
Cooper Evolution M/T

The new all-season mud model 2019 is designed to be fitted on SUVs and pickup trucks. The tire is already available retail on the North American market in 12 sizes with fitting diameters ranging from 15 to 20 inches. We will note here that the outside diameter of Cooper Evolution M/T reaches 35 inches (89 cm).