The Fifth Generation of Uniroyal RainSport Tires is Ready to Storm the Market

One of the subsidiary brands of Germany’s Continental — Uniroyal — has launched the new-generation rain tire RainSport 5, which is coming to replace RainSport 3 in the company’s model range. The main difference between the new-generation tire and its predecessor is the increased mileage.

The new summer model 2020 got an optimized tread pattern, nonetheless asymmetric, which ensures Uniroyal RainSport 5’s excellent grip on both wet and dry pavements.

Developing this new model, the designers used the Shark Skin technology, already familiar to the fans of this brand, which was slightly improved. Thanks to this technology, the water-draining circumferential grooves have a texture that looks like a shark’s scale, which speeds up the water drainage and increases the tire’s grip on wet pavement.

RainSport 5
RainSport 5

The blocks of the central section of Uniroyal Rain Sport 5 have wide diagonal drainage sipes and special Aqua-Twist lamellas, whose purpose is to increase the tire’s hydroplaning resistance.

The wear-resistant tread compound, the reinforced shoulder areas, as well as the optimized contour, all serve to prevent premature wearing of Uniroyal RainSport 5 and increase the tire’s running life. The new summer model’s mileage is 15% larger than that of its predecessor.

Uniroyal RainSport 5 tires are designed to be fitted on both passenger cars and SUVs.