KESKIN Europa GmbH Presents Berlin Tires

Germany’s Keskin Europa GmbH, a rim manufacturer, has owned for ten years the tire brand Syron. Obviously, the company wanted more, and now it is launching on the world market a new tire brand called Berlin. The first model of this brand was named Berlin Summer UHP 1. It is designed to be used in summer operating conditions.

Designed by German engineers, the Berlin tires are the 100% embodiment of European quality coming at a budget-friendly price. The brand name is also an homage to the multicultural and technologically advanced capital of Germany that, being the center of the nation’s political power, also stands for freedom and aesthetics — says the technical expert of — which is to some extent resonant with the qualities that the vehicle owners expect to get from their tires.

The logo of the new tire brand Berlin is a bear, the heraldic symbol of the namesake city.

Berlin Summer UHP 1
Berlin Summer UHP 1

The model range of the ultra-high performance summer tires Berlin Summer UHP 1 designed to installed on passenger cars and SUVs comes in 47 sizes for rims ranging from 16 to 20 inches. In accordance with the European system of tire marking, they refer to Class C for their wet traction and Class be for their fuel efficiency.