Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+ hits the European market

The Finnish division of Kumho Tire is actively advertising the new model of the winter season 2019/2020 — the spiked Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+, the «plus» symbol indicating that it is different from the «basic» WinterCraft Ice Wi31 because it is made from new optimized rubber compound that ensures a longer expected mileage. In addition, in the two most popular sizes — 195/65 R15 and 205/55 R16 — it is equipped with 200 spikes instead of the former 150.

The upgraded model Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+ demonstrates a significant improvement in ice and snow braking, and the fact that the spikes Scason XT-Turbine are also engineered and manufactured in Finland, also inspires extra confidence.

The new models of the season Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+ (Plus)
The new models of the season Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+ (Plus)

The new rubber compound not only makes this tire more rugged and reliable but also allows it to respond quicker to any road bumps. The optimized arrangement of the spikes improved the braking efficiency and the handling response on snow and ice. Interesting is the fact that parallel to increasing the number of spikes, the designers also solved the problem of road surface damage: the Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31+ (Plus) model successfully passed all of the mandatory tests.

The tests conducted by the experts of Test World demonstrated that the handling response of Kumho Wi31+ (200 spikes) on ice is 23% better than that of Kumho Wi31 (150 spikes), while the tire’s handling response on snow exceeds that of its predecessor by only 3%.