Lassa Multiways 4x4

Launched in 2019, Lassa Multiways 4×4 is an all-season tire for four-wheel drive cars, with which the Turkish tire maker repaired all of the omissions in its range for all-year round operation, hitherto represented only by the passenger-car and commercial-car tire models Multiways and Multiways C respectively.

Just like the basic passenger-car model, Lassa Multiways 4×4 got a tread design borrowed from Lassa Snoways Era winter tire. It is obvious that the Turkish tire maker is taking the line of the least resistance. However, this move does make some sense: the tread design, optimized for various weather conditions, has already stood the test of time, and now all that the manufacturer has left to do is reinforce the inner construction and use an improved tread compound working in a wide range of temperatures.

As a result, the company put out quite a decent all-season tire for SUVs and CUVs, meant to increase the driving safety on wet roads, dry pavement, and snow.

wet / dry performance

The carefully selected formula of the tread compound allows Lassa Multiways 4×4 to quickly adapt to various weather conditions all year round, and it is also meant to increase the expected mileage.

tread pattern

Its symmetric directional tread pattern with hydrodynamic blocks efficiently lowers the risk of hydroplaning and slush-planing. The 3D lamellas, slashing the tread blocks in different directions, increase the «edge effect», thus improving Lassa Multiways 4×4’s traction on snow.

m+s marking

The manufacturer guarantees the safety of using all the tires from the Multiways line — all of them bear an «M+S» sign and a 3PMSF icon (a snowflake against the background of a three-peak mountain), which is mandatory for dedicated winter tires.

Quick Take
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  • Available Sizes in Line: 7
  • Year Released: 2019
  • Regions for sale: Europe, Russia+
Lassa Multiways 4x4

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