Michelin Energy XM2+ Launched on the Asian Market

In Thailand, Michelin presented Michelin Energy XM2+, a new «green» tire line for summer weather conditions. Notably, the new development was engineered for small to middle class vehicles, the main accent being laid on eco-cars.

This tire, with a «plus» in its name is essentially a modified version of the eight-year-old Michelin Energy XM2, the direct reference to it showing through in the exact same tread pattern that resurfaced in Energy XM2+. Otherwise, however, the tire has been optimized, which improved its traction on wet pavement, increased its resistance to wear, and significantly reduced its rolling resistance, leading to higher fuel efficiency.

Energy XM2+ tread pattern
Energy XM2+ tread pattern

Some experts believe that this effect was achieved by means of using a new generation rubber compound with a higher content of silicon dioxide, which improved the performance of Michelin Energy XM2+ on wet pavement. For example, the presales tests, conducted by this manufacturer, showed that in comparison to the braking performance by similar models from the world-class brands, the average braking distance ensured by this new tire on wet pavement at a speed of 80 km/h is 1.5 meters shorter. For the used tires, this difference is even greater — 2.6 m.

Energy XM2+

The average running life of Energy XM2+ will be 25% longer.

This «plus» fuel-efficient model was designed by Michelin for the markets of the Asia-Pacific region. It is available in 36 sizes for fitting diameters from 14 to 16 inches.