Nexen Launches a New Line of All-Season Tires i.Q Series 1

The Korean tire maker Nexen Tire decided that the first of April is the best day for the long-awaited news. Specifically, on this particular day, the company announced the release of all-season tires Nexen i.Q series 1, which would start off a new line of tires.

Nexen i.Q Series 1 is already available on the manufacturer’s domestic market. The model range includes 27 sizes with rim diameters from 13 to 16 inches to be fitted on both passenger cars and SUVs.

Thanks to the optimized formula of the rubber compound, i. Q Series 1 tires boast a longer service life, while their reinforced shoulder blocks ensure great cornering performancesays the technical expert of

In addition, equal distribution of pressure in the contact area prevents uneven wear, the efficiency of the water drainage system ensures great hydroplaning resistance, and a multistep pattern of the tread blocks promises low noise and enhanced riding comfort.

i.Q is a new sub-brand that Nexen created to satisfy various requirement of car owners for tires’ performance, as well as to increase the number of customers who appreciate fuel efficiency.