Nokian Presenting a New Premium-Class All-Season Tire One HT for SUVs and Light Trucks

Parallel to opening a production facility in Dayton (Tennessee, USA), and dismissing employees at the Finnish factory, Nokian launches a mass production of new wear-resistant all-season tires Nokian One HT, which will shortly appear on the North American market.

When loaded to capacity, Nokian’s Dayton production facility will manufacture about four million tires a year. Currently, the factory is operating in a test mode; it will start making commercial tires in the beginning of 2020.
The new Nokian One HT model, designed to be installed on SUVs and light trucks, while still in the design stage, was subjected to harsh tests all over the world, starting from the test winter track in Ivalo (Finland), to South Africa and North America with its scorching Texas, cities of Utah, and city streets of California.

Nokian One HT tread pattern
Nokian One HT tread pattern

The model’s highlight is the new Aramid Armor technology that protects the tire in LT sizes from cuts and punctures. Thanks to this technology, the tread pattern is reinforced with extra-strong aramid fibers that form something like a shield that is particularly resistant to mechanical damage. It protects Nokian One HT from various road hazards.

The tire bears an «M+S» sign, which means that it can be safely driven upon during a small snowfall.
Nokian One HT will be available retail starting January 2020 in 36 sizes with fitting diameters ranging from 16 to 22 inches, and with speed indexes T and H, as well as R and S (for light trucks).

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