SEMA 2019: another new model from Atturo

Before the SEMA 2019 show, Atturo announced its plans for launching a new line of off-road tires and unveiled the details about the new model from the new family — the mud tire Atturo Trail Blade MTS. Then, already during the show, the company presented another new tire model for SUVs, which got named Atturo Trail Blade ATS.

The tire continues Atturo’s partnership with Quartermaster Knives with the sidewall tread elements modeled after the QSE-5 knife. A double blade surrounding a spear tip element is perfectly integrated into the shoulder tread design. The tire maker says that not only does the sidewall look great, but it provides superior impact protection from rocks, trees or curbs.

Atturo Trail Blade ATS
SEMA 2019: Another new model from Atturo

«With the introduction of the Trail Blade ATS as the second tire in our new Trail Blade Sport series, Atturo continues to distinguish itself in the market with sidewall design that consumers are willing to pay a premium for as part of their truck upgrade" - says Atturo President Michael Mathis.

To provide superior traction and handling, the Trail Blade ATS design utilizes large tread blocks with multiple deep sipes. The long center rib helps improve directional stability, while the wide channels between the blocks flush water from the contact patch for excellent wet performance. On each side of center, the tire’s double tread blocks create digging traction on rocky and hard-packed surfaces. The blocks are also connected with special links that keep up the tire’s ruggedness for highway driving.

The first phase of sizes for the Trail Blade ATS will include sizes ranging from 17» up to 24» diameter. Select sizes will utilize the heavy-duty 12-ply construction to allow for higher load capacity. The sales will start during early 2020.

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