This tuning will kill your suspension

Never wondered why the lug nuts are to be tightened in a crosswise order?

This is done to avoid even a minimum misalignment between the contact surface of the wheel and the wheel hub. If we tighten the lug nuts in any other way, the wheel can end up with a 0.3–0.5 mm misalignment, and, however tiny it may seem, this will be enough to make the wheel wobble, which will lead to the passengers’ discomfort, and damage the suspension.

Never wondered why the lug nuts are to be tightened in a crosswise order?
Never wondered why the lug nuts are to be tightened in a crosswise order?

It is because of this that neither the wheel hub nor the contact area of the wheel is ever painted. Even at the factory. Because the layer of paint even a fraction of a millimeter thick can cause a wobbling effect and using such wheel will become a nightmare. Many car tuning enthusiasts are unaware of that, and, looking to adorn their vehicle, cover the calipers and the hubs with paint.

An example of a painted hub. Pay attention to smudges of paint.
An example of a painted hub. Pay attention to smudges of paint.

At the same time, it is important to know the difference between painting the caliper and painting the hub. There are special enamels for painting the caliper and this practice is widespread. But the wheel hub itself must not be painted.

An example of painted caliper
An example of painted caliper

The same applies to repairing and painting the wheel discs. The contact area is not to be painted under any circumstances.

Examples of painted wheel discs
Examples of painted wheel discs
Examples of painted wheel discs

By the way, for this same reason the competent car repair services always clean and oil the wheel hub when replacing the wheels.