Vredestein Ultrac

Vredestein Ultrac is a summer tire that fits a wide range of family and compact cars. This model was developed with a special focus on safety, comfort, long mileage, and fuel efficiency. This tire maintains excellent handling response even at high speeds.
The Vredestein Ultrac is positioned as a replacement for the Ultrac Satin model. In-company tests, which involved tires of two generations in size 225/45 R17 94Y XL, showed that the Ultrac model has a 15% lead over its predecessor in terms of dry and wet handling performance, which became possible due to a change in the tire profile that made the contact patch more square, and due to the increased tread stiffness with continuous ribs and parabolic lateral grooves that increase the accuracy of steering response for more confident dynamic driving.
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Updated tyre cavity with a squarer footprint
A substantial change in the rubber compound (50% more silica and grip resins combined with multi-functional polymers) resulted in a 10% improvement in Vredestein Ultrac braking performance on both dry and wet pavement.
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Next-generation tread compound with stiffer tread blocks
The shock-absorbing properties of this model have been improved due to a decrease in the height of the bead filler, modification of the sidewalls and an increase in their deflection zone. These solutions in combination with the optimized tread design made it possible for Ultrac to deliver a smooth and quiet ride.
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Optimised sidewall construction with increased flex zone
The 5% lower rolling resistance also increased the fuel efficiency of the Vredestein Ultrac – a new model 2021.

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