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Popular Vehicle Fitments :: Bridgestone Turanza EV

  • • Tesla Model S
  • • Tesla Model 3
  • • Tesla Model X
  • • Tesla Model Y
  • • Ford Mustang Mach-E
Bridgestone Turanza EV


The Bridgestone Turanza EV is a distinguished member of the grand touring category, meticulously crafted with the contemporary electric vehicle (EV) in mind. While conventional touring tires may falter under the peculiar demands of EVs, the Turanza EV stands tall, promising an enhanced driving experience marked by extended tread longevity, serene ride quality, and assuring grip on damp surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Maintain Long Mileage Range: One of the main attributes EV drivers seek is mileage range. The Turanza EV has been fashioned to ensure minimal resistance, contributing to preserving the vehicle's battery life.
  • Sustainable Longevity: Armed with a new tread rubber compound, this tire is geared to offer commendable tread life, ensuring that you reap long-term benefits from your investment.
  • Whisper Quiet Ride: Electric vehicles are renowned for their silent operation. The Turanza EV complements this with its intrinsic design that significantly curbs tire noise, guaranteeing a peaceful cabin atmosphere.
  • Wet Road Ready: Rigorous engineering has led to a tread pattern optimized for moisture dispersion, ensuring that the tire can firmly grip wet roads, safeguarding against hydroplaning.


  • New Tread Rubber Compound: Paving the way for superior performance and enhanced wear life. This feature backs the tire's 50,000-mile limited warranty on electric vehicles.
  • Full Depth 3D Sipes: Augment the tire's overall handling prowess while providing crucial biting edges indispensable for winter performance.
  • Tread Pattern Optimization: Through judicious slot alignment combined with open shoulder slots, there's an amplification in water dispersion capability, bolstering resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Solid Rib Design: This aids in refining the handling dynamics and concurrently damps down pattern noise, providing a seamless driving experience.

Year Released

The Bridgestone Turanza EV was unveiled to the world in 2023. This tire emerged as a natural progression, succeeding its predecessors by delivering enhanced capabilities tailored for the evolving landscape of electric vehicles.

Regions Availability

The tire is currently available in the United States and other select regions (indicated by the "USA+" notation). Given the surge in EV popularity, it's plausible to anticipate wider regional availability in the near future.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Bridgestone Turanza EV has found its footing in the electric vehicle sphere, showcasing remarkable compatibility with a spectrum of EV models. Notable vehicle fitments include:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E

Final Thoughts

The Bridgestone Turanza EV signifies more than just another tire in the market—it embodies the fusion of years of tire-making prowess with an astute understanding of electric vehicle demands. For those keen on investing in a tire that promises longevity, silence, and unmatched performance, particularly in wet conditions, the Turanza EV emerges as an obvious choice. Bridgestone, with this product, reiterates its commitment to innovation, excellence, and the future of sustainable mobility.

Bridgestone Turanza EV Latest News

  • May 19, 2023

    Turanza EV Tires

    Knowing your tires were built to get you to the place you can recharge.

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  • May 19, 2023

    Turanza EV Tires

    Knowing your tires were built to get you to the place you can recharge.