Passenger / All Season See Brands with Tire Models

Premium Touring All-Season

  • 13 to 18 fitments available
  • Generally more comfortable and lower noise
  • Lower fuel use than UHP tires
  • Not ideal on high performance vehicles (Porsche, BMW)

These tires feature substantially more gripping power in wet conditions, along with the smooth ride and low rolling resistance of their summer counterparts. Although many do have somewhat more light winter capability than UHP all-seasons, for example, most of them are still not winter-capable in any real sense.

Grand Touring All-Season tires are often used as Original Equipment and place more emphasis on handling and high-speed capabilities than Standard Touring tires

Premium Touring All-Season

  1. 88 Continental AllSeasonContact
    2017 Premium Touring All-Season
  2. 88 Milestar MS932
    2017 Premium Touring All-Season
  3. 87 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2
    2015 Premium Touring All-Season
  4. 86 General Altimax RT43
    2013 Premium Touring All-Season
  5. 86 Supermax TM-1
    2017 Premium Touring All-Season

High Performance All-Season

These particular all-season tires are made for good performance, while adding in wet capabilities. As with most tires labeled “All-Season” they should not actually be trusted in any kind of real winter conditions.

Tires are designed to provide year-round traction (even in light snow) through tread designs and compounds that remain flexible in the cold weather to help blend all-season traction with good handling

Passenger All-Season

Passenger All-Season tires come standard on many sedans and minivans. They are the most popular type of tire and are designed to handle most conditions, including dry and wet pavement and light to moderate snow.

Performance All-Season

These tires are generally designed for decent handling and good looks, along with somewhat upgraded ride quality

These tires provide year-round traction (even in light snow) and will upgrade the appearance and performance of vehicles originally equipped with Passenger All-Season tires. Most tires offer white letter or black sidewall styling.

Standard Touring All-Season

Standard Touring tires are typically available in the lower speed ratings and higher aspect ratio sizes and place more emphasis on ride comfort and treadwear than Grand Touring tires.

Standard Touring All-Season

  1. 84 Kumho Solus TA11
    2015 Standard Touring All-Season
  2. 83 Nexen N'blue 4Season
    2016 Standard Touring All-Season
  3. 83 Toyo Extensa A/S
    2009 Standard Touring All-Season
  4. 82 Continental TrueContact
    2014 Standard Touring All-Season
  5. 82 Michelin Defender T+H
    2017 Standard Touring All-Season

Temporary/Compact Spare

This tire is designed for temporary use only. It can help drivers temporarily regain mobility in the event of a flat tire due to a puncture, cut, road hazard, accident or blowout.

Temporary Spare tires can be recognized by the 'T' for 'Temporary' in front of the tire size description.

Ultra High Performance All-Season

  • Typically 18 inches and above
  • Designed with sporty handling in mind
  • Ideal for performance cars
  • OE fitment for margues like Porsche, BMW

The highest level of performance many street drivers will ever need for most weather conditions.

These tires are much the same as UHP summer tires, but with siping or other technologies added to enhance wet grip and hydroplaning resistance. Despite the all-season label, with the notable exception of the Conti DWS, these are not usually tires to be trusted in any kind of snow or ice.

Ultra High Performance All-Season

  1. 84 Toyo Proxes 4 Plus
    2012 Ultra High Performance All-Season
  2. 84 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+
    2016 Ultra High Performance All-Season
  3. 83 Nitto Neo Gen
    2007 Ultra High Performance All-Season
  4. 83 Yokohama AVID ENVigor
    2010 Ultra High Performance All-Season
  5. 83 BFGoodrich g-Force COMP 2 A/S
    2015 Ultra High Performance All-Season