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  • This tire model has not been officially released yet
  • Official web page: unknown
  • Year Released: 2023 New
  • Regions of sales: unknown
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Davanti Terratoura M/T


The forthcoming Davanti Terratoura M/T represents a formidable force in off-road max traction tires, primed for the challenges of the untamed terrains. Sporting a pronounced tread pattern, the tire is purpose-built for light trucks and SUVs, offering their drivers unparalleled confidence when conquering dirt and challenging landscapes.

Features & Benefits

  • Aggressive Tread Pattern: With its commanding tread design, the Terratoura M/T is ready to take on rigorous trails and maintain grip across diverse terrains.
  • Exceptional Traction and Handling: Born from exhaustive engineering and rigorous testing across some of the world's most demanding ranges, this tire offers stellar traction and superior handling on rough grounds.
  • Mud, Sand, and Debris Dispersal: Thanks to the pyramidal tread shape and a significant void ratio, the tire can swiftly clear out mud, sand, and other impediments, ensuring vehicle stability even in challenging conditions.
  • Robust Carcass Construction: The tire's rugged construction lends it impressive load endurance, complemented by an exceptional resistance to damage and punctures, even in extreme terrains.
  • Specialized Rubber Compound: Designed to endure the toughest conditions, the unique rubber compound fortifies the tire against cuts and damage.
  • Enhanced Shoulder Blocks: Large shoulder blocks not only bolster traction but, due to their alternating design, provide a "saw tooth" effect which stabilizes grip in ruts and on rocks across steering angles. The wide grooves in these areas further facilitate the rapid clearance of obstacles, enhancing drive control.


  • Reinforced Carcass Design: This tire boasts a reinforced carcass, specifically crafted to shoulder heavier loads and to amplify its puncture resistance.
  • Unique Rubber Compound: A specially developed compound heightens the tire's resilience against extreme wear and tear, ensuring longevity in challenging environments.

Year Released

The anticipated release for the Davanti Terratoura M/T is set for 2023.

Regions Availability

Details regarding the specific regions of availability are still forthcoming, as the tire has yet to be officially launched.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

While specific vehicle fitments are yet to be confirmed, given its design and features, the Davanti Terratoura M/T is likely to be a favored choice for pickup trucks and SUVs designed for off-road adventures.

Preliminary Thoughts

The yet-to-be-released Davanti Terratoura M/T is poised to make waves in the off-road max traction category. Through its aggressive design, advanced technologies, and an unyielding commitment to performance, Davanti seems set to deliver a tire that off-road enthusiasts will be eager to equip on their vehicles. Those seeking a blend of robustness, performance, and safety in their off-road travels should be on the lookout for this tire's official debut.

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Davanti / Terratoura M/T
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