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Key Facts about Debica Frigo 2:

Debica Frigo 2


The Debica Frigo 2 is the most popular Debica winter tire. The tire is designed for city cars, compact and middle class cars. Frigo 2 is excellent choice for drivers who appreciate comfort and reasonable price.

  • The tire construction provides long mileage and comfortable driving in winter conditions
  • Optimized surface of the tire footprint results in good grip on winter roads
  • Directional tread pattern with wide grooves effectively disperses water and slush reducing the risk of aquaplaning

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Debica Frigo 2
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Questions and Answers

  • Nov 12, 2018

    ADAC: Winter Tire Test R14

    1. 2.1 Continental WinterContact TS 860
      Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    2. 2.1 Dunlop Winter Response 2
      Rolling Resistance Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    3. 2.6 Firestone Winterhawk 3
      Rolling Resistance Dry Performance Wet Performance
    4. 2.7 Nokian WR D4
      Wet Performance Ice braking Comfort Winter / Snow Performance
    5. 2.8 Goodyear UltraGrip 9
      Treadwear Rolling Resistance Winter / Snow Performance
    6. 2.9 Debica Frigo 2
      Winter / Snow Performance Wet Performance Dry Performance
    7. 2.9 Sava Eskimo S3+
      Winter / Snow Performance Wet Performance Dry Performance
    8. 2.9 Vredestein Snowtrac 5
      Rolling Resistance Dry Performance Wet Performance Comfort / Noise
    9. 3.1 Pirelli Cinturato Winter
      Comfort Winter / Snow Performance Treadwear Dry Performance
    10. 3.7 Semperit Master-Grip 2
      Winter / Snow Performance Rolling Resistance Dry Performance Comfort
  • May 14, 2014

    Tyre Dębica Frigo 2

    Debica Frigo 2 is an economy class winter tire designed for passenger cars. Model will be perfect during day-by-day driving in winter conditions. If you are looking for a tire that will help you to avoid skid and being stuck in a deep snow, Debica Frigo 2 will be a good choice.