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Key Facts about Evergreen EH23:

Evergreen EH23


The EH23 is a high performance radial tyre designed for maximum comfort and to provide good handling in wet and dry conditions.

  • Comfort (Under the premise of fulfilling the tread rigid, diversity distribution of pattern blocks increase the flexibility in a large extent, and enhance the tire damping functions, provide a more comfortable driving feel).
  • Mute (Small pattern blocks of high-density distribution effectively offsets the noise generated when the air compressing emissions. By a variety of simulated irregular arrangement of pitch patterns, it reduces the noise caused by tire vibration).
  • Non-skid feature (The 4 Channel-Groove in the optimal design of layout and width gives non-slip performance maximization, and ensures superior drainage performance in wetland road to provide a safe escort in the raining drive. The formulations with silicon etc effectively improve the non-skid properties of tires to secure driving on wet roads).
  • Manipulation (Centre Rib increases the operating and braking performance significantly, enhances greatly ground grip and the operating stability; the increased ground-contact rate is designed to enhance the adhesion on wet and dry road. Enhanced tread block increases the strength of rotary power and braking capabilities with increasing manoeuvrability).
  • Bead adhesion stability (Special bead contour design makes more close contact with the wheel rim after inflating the tire, and shortens the turn-up of the toe to provide greater security).

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