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  • Currently discontinued

Gislaved Nord*Frost 5


The Gislaved Nord'Frost 5 builds on the technology of its predecessor resulting in a tire with outstanding winter performance whether it is on snow, ice or in dry driving conditions. Thanks to its advanced tread pattern concept with new sipes and studs technology and its innovative tread compound, the Nord'Frost 5 fullfils the expectations of the most demanding drivers.

  • The directional symmetrical pattern is characterized by two parallel central ribs, large and stable shoulder blocks with wide grooves and "Force Transmission Links". It provides high lateral and longitudinal stiffness, optimizing vehicle handling and steering response, and ensuring a slower centre wear and higher mileage.
  • The circumferential central and wide shoulder grooves guarantee high protection against hydra- and slushplaning by providing fast drainage and self cleaning of the tread in snow, mud and wet.
  • The "brilliant stud" technology with optimized stud sequence does not just guarantee high traction and durability of the spike and tread, but also ensures high force transmission, longer gripping edges and avoidance of single harmonics. The new sipes technology (new high density longitudinal sipes / variable sipe depths in the shoulder area and central blocks / additional "3D" drop sipes in the centre of the pattern) provide additional grip edges as well as a certain stiffness of the block and pattern. It ensures short braking distances on snow and ice and improved dry handling.
  • The Nordic Silica tread compound contains highly active carbon black and an innovative winter grip polymer which provide outstanding ice grip and snow traction.

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