Studdable Winter / Snow

Key Features:
  • using winter tire studs

Designed for cold temps and deeper snow, winter tires should be put on as soon as you can see your breath in the air and taken off again when you can't.

For drivers wanting basic snow traction and/or the additional security provided by adding optional winter tire studs to enhance traction on ice.

These tires feature traditional winter tire compounds and tread designs that provide good traction in snow. They are also molded to accept optional metal studs that are especially helpful when driving in climates where freezing rain, sleet and wet ice occurs as ambient temperatures hover around 32° Fahrenheit. Available in a wide range of sizes for coupes, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles.

Meet severe snow service standards, branded with mountain/snowflake symbol.

Q-, S- or T-speed rated.

Must be installed in sets of four.

Because studded tires damage road surfaces, many states restrict them to wintertime use or prohibit them entirely. Check with local authorities to confirm legality.

Mid-Range Brands

GT Radial

Economy Brands