Our best all-season tire for confident traction in changing weather conditions (wet, dry, and snow) and offers ultra wet traction. Gets, on average, 21% better wet traction than the leading competitor (based on internal testing).

  • Wet Traction (Water zone has a sweeping tread pattern that helps evacuate water away from the tread for enhanced wet traction)
  • Ice Traction (Ice zone has numerous biting edges offering enhanced gripping traction on icy and slick roads)
  • Dry Traction (Dry zone has large tread blocks along the outer edges to help provide confident handling on dry roads)
  • Ultra Wet Traction (Evolving Traction Grooves help maintain confident traction in rain and snow even as the tire wears)

Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season
Car Type
All Season
Rim Diameter
15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 "
195 / 205 / 215 / 225 / 235 / 245 / 255 / 265 mm
Aspect Ratio
50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
H (max 130 mph) ... V (max 149 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season Modifications

Rim Model Size Index Features
R15 195/60 R15 87H 195/60 R15 87H
R15 195/60 R15 88H 195/60 R15 88H
R15 195/65 R15 91H 195/65 R15 91H
R15 205/65 R15 92H 205/65 R15 92H
R15 205/65 R15 94H 205/65 R15 94H
R16 205/55 R16 89H 205/55 R16 89H
R16 205/55 R16 91H 205/55 R16 91H
R16 205/60 R16 91H 205/60 R16 91H
R16 215/55 R16 91H 215/55 R16 91H
R16 215/60 R16 94T 215/60 R16 94T
R16 215/65 R16 98T 215/65 R16 98T
R16 225/60 R16 97H 225/60 R16 97H
R16 225/70 R16 103T 225/70 R16 103T
R16 235/65 R16 103T 235/65 R16 103T
R16 265/70 R16 112T 265/70 R16 112T
R17 205/50 R17 93V 205/50 R17 93V
R17 215/50 R17 90H 215/50 R17 90H
R17 215/55 R17 93H 215/55 R17 93H
R17 215/60 R17 95H 215/60 R17 95H
R17 215/65 R17 98H 215/65 R17 98H
R17 225/50 R17 94V 225/50 R17 94V
R17 225/55 R17 95H 225/55 R17 95H
R17 225/60 R17 99H 225/60 R17 99H
R17 225/65 R17 102H 225/65 R17 102H
R17 235/55 R17 99H 235/55 R17 99H
R17 235/60 R17 102H 235/60 R17 102H
R17 265/70 R17 115T 265/70 R17 115T
R18 215/55 R18 95H 215/55 R18 95H
R18 255/55 R18 109H 255/55 R18 109H
R18 255/65 R18 111T 255/65 R18 111T
R18 265/65 R18 114H 265/65 R18 114H
R19 245/55 R19 103T 245/55 R19 103T

Amazon Reviews Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

Questions and Answers

  • Aug 02, 2018 Best in Passenger All-Season

    1. 100 Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season
      Wet Performance Dry Performance
    2. 98 Yokohama AVID S34PV
      Dry Performance Comfort
    3. 95 Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring
      Dry Performance Comfort Noise
    4. 91 Firestone All Season
      Wet Performance Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
    5. 88 Michelin Energy Saver A/S
      Dry Performance Comfort Winter / Snow Performance
    6. 86 Goodyear Assurance All-Season
      Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    7. 83 Firestone FR710
      Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
    8. 83 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max
      Wet Performance Dry Performance Noise Winter / Snow Performance
    9. 79 Michelin Energy LX4
      Dry Performance Noise Treadwear Winter / Snow Performance
    10. 79 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671
      Dry Performance Treadwear Noise Winter / Snow Performance
    11. 77 Nexen Classe Premiere CP662
      Dry Performance Treadwear Winter / Snow Performance
    12. 74 Yokohama AVID S34F
      Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    13. 72 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H
      Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    14. 70 Bridgestone Ecopia EP20
      Dry Performance Comfort Treadwear Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance
    15. 68 Yokohama AVID S33D
      Dry Performance Treadwear Wet Performance Comfort Winter / Snow Performance
  • Jul 09, 2018

    Consumer Reports: All-Season Tires

    1. 70 Michelin Defender
      Balance of dry and wet braking Tread life Resistance to hydroplaning Responsive handling
    2. 68 Continental TrueContact
      Fuel efficiency Balance of grip handling and comfort Low rolling resistance Average treadwear
    3. 66 General Altimax RT43
      Dry grip Ride comfort Noise Winter traction Value
    4. 66 Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus
      Noise Low rolling resistance Dry grip Value Ride comfort Handling Long tread life
    5. 64 Nexen Aria AH7
      Long tread life Noise
    6. 62 Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season
      Wet grip Dry grip Handling Tread life Ice braking
    7. 62 Kumho Solus TA11
      Low rolling resistance Wet braking
    8. 62 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring
      Noise Tread life Ice braking
    9. 60 Yokohama AVID Ascend
      Dry grip Handling Noise Value Ice braking Wet braking
    10. 58 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A
      Tread life Rolling resistance Wet braking
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    Tested: Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season in Winter

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    Tested: Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season Tire

    There is a growing trend that even basic passenger tires carry at least an H-speed rating to match what the vehicle manufacturer used as O.E. Goodyear was one of the first to add premium features to their passenger tire range with the Assurance family of products.