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Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture

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Key Facts

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Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture


The Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture stands out as a versatile choice for drivers seeking a balanced blend of on-road comfort and off-road prowess. A tire designed for Light Trucks and SUVs, the Terra Trac AT X-Venture provides a sturdy foundation for those who desire both highway cruising and trail-blazing capabilities. Its unique design aspects and robust construction promise optimized traction, irrespective of the terrain, be it tarmac or trail.

Features & Benefits

  • Aggressive Dual Sidewall and Shoulder Design: This feature offers deep lugs on the sidewall that not only lend the tire an assertive visual stance but also ensure that drivers have a cost-effective method to enhance their vehicle's distinctiveness through flexible customization.
  • Enhanced Profile Shape and Tread Block Formation: With its specialized shape and design, the tire supports extended tread wear and provides enhanced stability during various driving maneuvers, both on and off the road.
  • Tusk Grooves: Expertly engineered grooves create an optimal void-to-rubber ratio, ensuring the tire remains free of mud and debris. In addition, the inclusion of stone ejector ribs in the tread grooves amplifies its all-terrain traction capability.
  • Alternating Shoulder Scallops: This innovative addition in the shoulder design aids the tire in digging deep into rugged terrains, guaranteeing an uptick in traction.
  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified: A testament to its winter prowess, this tire meets stringent performance criteria in snow testing and is deemed apt for severe snow conditions.

Year Released

The Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture was launched in 2021.

Regions Availability

This tire model is available for purchase in the North American region.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture is engineered for Light Trucks and SUVs, making it suitable for a broad range of vehicles in these categories.

Final Thoughts

The Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture offers a balanced amalgamation of style, strength, and adaptability. Whether you're cruising on highways or embarking on off-road adventures, its design promises longevity, stability, and unparalleled traction. Moreover, its unique dual sidewall and shoulder design emphasize individuality, ensuring your vehicle stands out. Add to that its 3PMS certification, and you have a tire that's ready for any season and any terrain. For those in search of a tire that delivers both form and function, the Terra Trac AT X-Venture is a formidable contender.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Hercules / Terra Trac AT X-Venture
Car Type
All Season
Rim Diameter
15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 20 "
215 / 225 / 235 / 245 / 255 / 265 / 275 / 285 / 305 / 315 mm
Aspect Ratio
55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
Q (max 100 mph) ... T (max 118 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Hercules / Terra Trac AT X-Venture Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Sidewall styling Tread depth Max inflation pressure Approved rim width Tire weight Load range Max load Price
R15 235/75 R15 104/101R 235/75 R15 104/101R C
R16 215/85 R16 115/112R 215/85 R16 115/112R E
R16 225/75 R16 115/112R 225/75 R16 115/112R E
R16 235/85 R16 120/116R 235/85 R16 120/116R E
R16 245/75 R16 120/116R 245/75 R16 120/116R E
R16 265/70 R16 121/118R 265/70 R16 121/118R E
R16 265/75 R16 116T 265/75 R16 116T SL
R16 265/75 R16 123/120R 265/75 R16 123/120R E
R16 285/75 R16 126/123R 285/75 R16 126/123R E
R17 235/80 R17 120/117R 235/80 R17 120/117R E
R17 245/70 R17 119/116S 245/70 R17 119/116S E
R17 245/75 R17 121/118S 245/75 R17 121/118S E
R17 255/65 R17 110T 255/65 R17 110T SL
R17 255/70 R17 112T 255/70 R17 112T SL
R17 255/75 R17 115T 255/75 R17 115T SL
R17 265/65 R17 112T 265/65 R17 112T SL
R17 265/70 R17 121/118S 265/70 R17 121/118S E
R17 275/70 R17 121/118R 275/70 R17 121/118R E
R17 285/70 R17 117T 285/70 R17 117T SL
R17 285/70 R17 121/118S 285/70 R17 121/118S E
R17 315/70 R17 121/118S 315/70 R17 121/118S E
R18 265/65 R18 122/119R 265/65 R18 122/119R E
R18 265/70 R18 124/121S 265/70 R18 124/121S E
R18 275/65 R18 123/120S 275/65 R18 123/120S E
R18 275/70 R18 125/122S 275/70 R18 125/122S E
R18 285/65 R18 125/122S 285/65 R18 125/122S E
R20 265/60 R20 121/118R 265/60 R20 121/118R E
R20 275/55 R20 120/117S 275/55 R20 120/117S E
R20 275/60 R20 123/120S 275/60 R20 123/120S E
R20 275/65 R20 126/123S 275/65 R20 126/123S E
R20 285/55 R20 122/119R 285/55 R20 122/119R E
R20 285/60 R20 125/122S 285/60 R20 125/122S E
R20 305/55 R20 125/122Q 305/55 R20 125/122Q F

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