After all, even its tread compound was designed for the cold. Winter Landers will get you through snow and winter-wet conditions, while they provide stability and driving comfort even when the weather clears.

  • Advanced winter-grip compounding (The Winter Lander’s tread compound is specially formulated for the cold - so it delivers enhanced traction and braking when warm-season tires can’t).
  • Wet traction tread design (The V-shaped tread quickly evacuates water for outstanding wet handling, decreased hydroplaning and low noise).
  • Snow traction groove design (The sipe pattern is organized in high-density waves so that each sipe can apply maximum force to the snowy road surface).
  • 3-D, stay-open sipes (They stay open when they make contact with the ground, so they can bite into snow more effectively).
  • Stiff shoulder design (The shoulder is specially designed with stiff blocks that deliver cornering stability and driving comfort).

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