The Super Swamper Radial TSL/SSR, better known as the SSR, is the second generation of the Super Swamper Radial/TSL and incorporates a slightly tighter version of the distinctive Super Swamper TSL chevron tread pattern, siping for wet pavement traction and icy conditions, greater sidewall protection with and a unique side-wall design for added traction and is quieter running. TSL (three-stage lug) is a massive short, intermediate and long lug pattern with each lug uniquely arranged, proportioned and spaced to allow them to bite quickly and self-clean rapidly.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Super Swamper SSR
Car Type
Light Truck / SUV
All Season
Rim Diameter
14 / 15 / 16 / 16.5 / 17 / 18 / 20 "
265 / 285 mm
Aspect Ratio
70 / 75 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Super Swamper SSR Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features
R14 27x9.5 R14 LT 27x9.5 R14 LT
R15 27x9.5 R15 LT 27x9.5 R15 LT
R15 31x10.5 R15 LT 31x10.5 R15 LT
R15 31x12.5 R15 LT 31x12.5 R15 LT
R15 32x11.5 R15 LT 32x11.5 R15 LT
R15 33x12.5 R15 LT 33x12.5 R15 LT
R15 33x14.5 R15 LT 33x14.5 R15 LT
R15 35x10.5 R15 LT 35x10.5 R15 LT
R15 35x12.5 R15 LT 35x12.5 R15 LT
R15 35x14.5 R15 LT 35x14.5 R15 LT
R15 37x12.5 R15 LT 37x12.5 R15 LT
R15 38x15.5 R15 LT 38x15.5 R15 LT
R16 32x11.5 R16 LT 32x11.5 R16 LT
R16 33x12.5 R16 LT 33x12.5 R16 LT
R16 35x10.5 R16 LT 35x10.5 R16 LT
R16 35x12.5 R16 LT 35x12.5 R16 LT
R16 37x12.5 R16 LT 37x12.5 R16 LT
R16 38x15.5 R16 LT 38x15.5 R16 LT
R16 285/75 R16 285/75 R16
R16.5 33x14.5 R16.5 LT 33x14.5 R16.5 LT
R16.5 35x12.5 R16.5 LT 35x12.5 R16.5 LT
R16.5 35x14.5 R16.5 LT 35x14.5 R16.5 LT
R16.5 37x12.5 R16.5 LT 37x12.5 R16.5 LT
R16.5 38x15.5 R16.5 LT 38x15.5 R16.5 LT
R17 33x12.5 R17 LT 33x12.5 R17 LT
R17 35x10.5 R17 LT 35x10.5 R17 LT
R17 35x12.5 R17 LT 35x12.5 R17 LT
R17 37x12.5 R17 LT 37x12.5 R17 LT
R17 265/70 R17 265/70 R17
R18 35x12.5 R18 LT 35x12.5 R18 LT
R20 37x12.5 R20 LT 37x12.5 R20 LT
R20 38x15.5 R20 LT 38x15.5 R20 LT

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