ADAC: All-Season Tire Test R16 2016

For many drivers, all-season tires are becoming increasingly interesting for many drivers. What these hermaphrodites can do at high temperatures in summer and in winter and snow and ice in winter compared to the specialists, the ADAC has tested with all popular models in the widespread dimension 205/55 R 16V.

  1. 3.4 Michelin CrossClimate

    Top marks dry and wet, and very strong in fuel consumption and wear tests. Weak on snow.

    Ice Performance Wet Performance Dry Performance Treadwear Fuel Consumption
  2. 3.4 Vredestein Quatrac 5

    Relatively low fuel consumption. Weak in the dry and wet, slightly weak on snow.

    Ice Performance Fuel Consumption Treadwear
  3. 3.8 Nokian WeatherProof

    Best in snow. Weak in the dry, slight weakness in the wet and on ice.

    Treadwear Fuel Consumption Winter / Snow Performance Dry Performance
  4. 3.9 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

    Top marks in the wet, particularly good on snow and ice. Weak in the dry.

    Ice Performance Wet Performance Treadwear Winter / Snow Performance Fuel Consumption Dry Performance
  5. 3.9 Pirelli Cinturato All Season

    Good on ice. Weak in the dry, wet and on snow.

    Ice Performance Fuel Consumption Treadwear Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  6. 4.9 Bridgestone A001 Weather Control

    Very weak in the dry and on snow, high fuel consumption.

    Treadwear Dry Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  7. 5 Hankook Kinergy 4S H740

    Relatively low fuel consumption. Very weak in the wet, weak on dry roads.

    Treadwear Fuel Consumption Wet Performance Dry Performance
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Mar 03, 2019
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