ADAC: All-Season Tire Test R14 2018

Snow, ice, rain, cold or heat: all-season tires promise safe grip in all weather conditions. But are they better than summer and winter tires? The ADAC has tested the latest models of all-weather tires - including Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin and Nokian.

  1. 2.7 Nexen N'blue 4Season

    Good on wet. Top mark on ice. Slightly weaker on a dry and snow-covered road

    Wet Performance Ice Braking
  2. 3 Continental AllSeasonContact

    Good on wet and snow. Top mark in fuel consumption. Quite weak on a dry road.

    Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance Fuel Consumption
  3. 3.3 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

    Top grade on wet. Low wear and relatively weak on dry roads and snow.

    Treadwear Wet Performance
  4. 3.4 Nokian WeatherProof

    Top grade on snow. Good on wet and relatively low wear. Weak on a dry road.

    Treadwear Wet Performance Winter / Snow Performance
  5. 3.7 Firestone MultiSeason

    Low fuel consumption. Weak on dry and wet roads.

    Fuel Consumption
  6. 3.7 Maxxis All Season AP2

    Weak on snowy and dry road surface.

  7. 3.7 Vredestein Quatrac 5

    Top marks on dry roads. Low fuel consumption. Weak on snow.

    Fuel Consumption Dry Performance
  8. 3.9 Hankook Kinergy 4S H740

    Relatively low wear. Weak on snow and on wet.

  9. 3.9 Michelin CrossClimate

    Top marks in wear. Relatively good on dry and icy roads. Weak on snow.

    Treadwear Dry Performance Ice Braking
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