SA4x4: All-Terrain Tire Test R17 2018

You want tires fit for the bush, which are also comfortable on tar? Yup, you have entered the realm of All-Terrain Rubber which must grip and grind its way over a variety of surfaces. But which brand is best? The SA4x4 team amassed 17 sets of AT tires for the biggest local tire-showdown ever…

  1. 241.84 General Grabber AT3

    It was achingly close, but ultimately, the new General Grabber AT3s did just enough to be crowned the king of all-rounders in South Africa. Gerhard described it as a well-balanced tire, with great off-road performance and good traction on all surfaces, complemented by good stopping power – making it the tire of choice.

    Traction (Sand) Incline Traction Gravel Acceleration (Traction)
  2. 241.58 Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure

    Goodyear’s new Wrangler Adventure tires have taken the market by storm, and our tests showed why. With its Kevlar-strengthened construction, it improves on the already brilliant AT/SA series; and according to Gerhard, and as our results show, there’s nothing to choose between them and the winning Grabbers.

    Traction (Sand) Incline Traction
  3. 240.15 Continental ContiCrossContact AT

    It was clear from our test results why the CrossContact AT was chosen as original equipment (OE) tires for the top-spec Ford Ranger. The vehicle complements the tires (or is it vice versa?) and it feels consistent and stable. However, the rating was slightly lowered by their tar-braking performance.

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Incline Traction Gravel Acceleration (Traction)
  4. 238.41 Bridgestone Dueler A/T D694

    Bridgestone’s Duelers have performed well in previous AT tests, and this one was no exception. It was let down only by its gravel performance, but Gerhard complimented its predictability in all circumstances and its feeling of safety, particularly on broken surfaces.

    Incline Traction
  5. 237.87 Michelin LTX A/T 2

    During our tests, the Michelins impressed Gerhard immensely in terms of their level of ridequality and road comfort on all surfaces. And they performed quite well in all our tests. “They are definitely the most comfortable and controllable tires of all the contenders,” he said.

    Incline Traction
  6. 237.72 Dunlop Grandtrek AT3

    Dunlop’s stalwart Grandtrek AT tyre again performed acceptably, outscoring its AT3 G stablemate – albeit by a negligible margin – mostly due to its prowess on tar and gravel. The pick of the crop on tar and gravel, declared Gerhard.

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Braking (Tarred Surface) Incline Traction
  7. 237.31 Dunlop Grandtrek AT3G

    The new three-ply Grandtrek AT3 G performed impeccably on tar and in sand, but less so on gravel, perhaps due to its tougher sidewall construction. However, Gerhard was impressed by its overall consistency and balance, more so when taking into account its high load rating.

    Traction (Sand) Braking (Tarred Surface) Incline Traction
  8. 235.41 Firestone Destination A/T

    The unassuming Destinations impressed Gerhard by the way they quietly got on with the job. The Firestones, living in the shadow of big brother Bridgestone, performed very well on gravel but less so in sand. They were also comfortable on tar; and in terms of all-round performance, they are the bargain buy of the lot.

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Incline Traction Gravel Acceleration (Traction) Braking (Tarred Surface)
  9. 234.6 GT Radial Adventuro AT3

    The affordable GT Radials surprised all with their performance in the sand and on gravel. Yes, they may be a bit unruly under braking, and uncontrolled on tar surfaces, as Gerhard experienced, but they displayed good grip and traction given their quite old tech and tread pattern.

    Traction (Sand) Braking (Gravel Surface)
  10. 234.52 Velocity Raptor A/T

    Much like the BFGs, the Raptors gave excellent results on gravel (braking and acceleration) but were somewhat unstable. They were also comfortable on-road but inconsistent in the sand and dirt, scrabbling hard to complete the incline traction test.

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Incline Traction Braking (Tarred Surface)
  11. 232.46 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

    Given their rigid profile and aggressive tread pattern the BFG KO2s did well, outperforming the score of the previous generation in similar tests. They were surprisingly quiet on asphalt, but their braking performance wasn’t on par. Braking on gravel was excellent, yet slightly uncontrolled, according to Gerhard. Its stiff sidewalls also compromised it in terms of traction on dirt and gravel, and in loose sand.

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Braking (Tarred Surface) Incline Traction
  12. 232.41 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

    Although Nexen may be new to SA, it is a well-known brand overseas. In terms of overall performance and on tar, the Rodians did better than some of the more established brands, but weren’t as composed on dirt, being penalised on the incline traction test for triggering the test vehicle’s traction control system.

    Gravel Acceleration (Traction) Braking (Gravel Surface) Traction (Sand)
  13. 232.28 Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    As they were two-ply with a load rating of 112T, we expected the Coopers to do quite well, but their rigid LT (Light Truck) construction sidewalls did not help their cause. They impressed with their stability and stopping power on tar, but their traction on gravel and in sand was limited, possibly due to too high pressures.

    Braking (Tarred Surface) Incline Traction
  14. 232.2 Hankook Dynapro AT-m RF10

    Based on previous performance, we expected good results from the Korean Hankook Dynapro ATMs, but the RF10s disappointed. While they impressed on tar, they did not do so well off-road, suffering from relative lack of grip on gravel and in the sand.

    Braking (Tarred Surface) Incline Traction
  15. 230.39 Pirelli Scorpion ATR

    Pirelli is widely acknowledged for its high-performance rubber, but its Scorpion ATs have been available locally for quite a while. Although their braking performance was fair, they did not do well in the sand and on gravel. However, Gerhard said that the Pirellis ensured a comfortable ride and a light steering response.

    Gravel Acceleration (Traction) Traction (Sand) Incline Traction
  16. 230.15 Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

    Yokohama’s Geolanders have always been viewed as good off-road tires, but the new GO15s were disappointing. According to Gerhard, the Yokohamas had less traction than the competitors, and the regulated tire pressure also did not suit them for the incline test

    Braking (Gravel Surface) Gravel Acceleration (Traction) Incline Traction
  17. 226.22 Kumho Road Venture AT51

    While this brand from Korea is already well-established locally, its all-terrain tires are not that well known. In terms of performance and feel, Gerhard’s comment was that the Road Ventures gave a less comfortable ride and had limited traction and grip on gravel and in sand.

    Braking (Tarred Surface) Braking (Gravel Surface) Traction (Sand) Gravel Acceleration (Traction) Incline Traction
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