Auto Motor und Sport: Summer Tire Test R17 2019

The 2019 Auto Motor und Sport tyre test has tested eleven crossover SUV tyres in 215/55 R17. While this fitment isn't the most exciting fitment in the world, usually being found fitted to vehicles like the Vauxhall Mokka, Skoda Karoq, Seat Ateca, Hyundai Kona and Audi Q2, it is a high growth segment thanks to the huge sales of these types of cars.

  1. 88 Nokian Wetproof

    Very high wet grip, good handling in the dry, well balanced. High rolling resistance, slow steering.

    Wet / Dry Braking Noise Wet / Dry Handling Comfort
  2. 86 Bridgestone Turanza T005

    High lateral stability, good steering speed and accuracy, low rolling resistance. Relatively long wet braking.

    Dry Braking Rolling Resistance Wet Handling
  3. 86 Michelin Primacy 4

    Short dry braking, easy to manage. Poor wet grip, average aquaplaning resistance.

    Dry Braking Rolling Resistance Comfort Dry Handling
  4. 83 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

    Good wet handling, good aquaplaning resistance. Slight understeer in the dry.

    Straight Aquaplaning Wet Handling
  5. 83 Pirelli Cinturato P7

    Good wet and dry handling, short wet braking distances. Long dry braking distances, poor aquaplaning resistance.

    Wet Braking Comfort Dry Handling Noise
  6. 83 Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125

    Good braking performance, good dry handling. Average wet performance, sluggish steering reactions.

    Wet / Dry Braking Noise Dry Handling Straight Aquaplaning
  7. 81 Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

    Short wet braking, high aquaplaning resistance. Long dry braking, high levels of understeer in the dry.

    Wet Handling Straight Aquaplaning Wet Braking Comfort Dry Braking Noise Dry Handling
  8. 77 Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun

    Good in the dry and wet. Understeer during wet handling, very high rolling resistance.

    Straight Aquaplaning Rolling Resistance
  9. 71 Giti GitiPremium H1

    Good dry handling, good comfort, low noise. Poor braking results, understeer in the wet.

    Noise Comfort Dry Handling Wet / Dry Braking Wet Handling
  10. 69 Nexen N'blue HD Plus

    Acceptable handling. Relatively wear dry and wet grip.

    Straight Aquaplaning Wet Handling
  11. 65 Toyo Proxes CF2 SUV

    Acceptable dry performance, good comfort, low noise. Weak wet grip, worst aquaplaning resistance on test.

    Noise Wet / Dry Braking Wet / Dry Handling
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Apr 01, 2019
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